Week 9 Tight End Rankings

The fantasy football playoffs are rapidly approaching and teams will need to kick it into high gear if they want to be part of it. Make sure that your lineup is set and ready to devastate the competition in week 9. See which tight ends you need to have in your lineup here:

Week 9 Tight End Rankings

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Song Of The Day

Here is some excellent music out of nowhere.



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New horizons bring trepidation

Fear of the unknown

The basest and most human of emotions

Countless reasons to turn back

Comfort lies in mediocrity

Always left with the question

Is one slim chance worth the risk of rejection.















Mystical forces in the void of the netherrealm

Gather strength from the chill winds of autumn

The veil between worlds thins


Anticipating the breach

Spirits mill about restlessly in the dimness

Testing the limits of their nonexistence


Samhain approaches

The realms prepare to merge



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Beauty In The Filth

Restless particles

Dance under fluorescent light

Currents swirling dust

Coat of entropy

Time’s passage takes solid form

Evidence of us


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Song Of The Day…Or Night

I searched for “Story Of My Life” thinking that I would not need to type in Social Distortion asĀ of course this is a very famous song.

I wound up with lots of links to One Direction.

That was a devastating moment for me.








A generation is being led astray and I have the antidote here.

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Light In The Hills

Ghastly shadows thrown haphazardly

Dim light on the horizon Read the rest of this entry »

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Intruder – Part III


Filled with disbelief and numb with horror, I lingered for a moment and stared at the yawning portal. I was brought back to nightmarish reality by a blood-curdling shriek exploding out the window of my neighbor’s house. Gripping the small key in my fist I sprinted for the stairs, intent on reaching my personal armory. I acquired a queer sort of tunnel vision, I could almost feel the power awaiting me in the gun cabinet. Read the rest of this entry »

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Song of the Day

Here is a catchy song to run through your head while you try to sleep, enjoy.


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Complicated Relationship


Drink more coffee or not

I’m always conflicted

There’s more in the pot

And I’m clearly addicted… Read the rest of this entry »

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