Song Of The Day…Or Night

I searched for “Story Of My Life” thinking that I would not need to type in Social Distortion asĀ of course this is a very famous song.

I wound up with lots of links to One Direction.

That was a devastating moment for me.








A generation is being led astray and I have the antidote here.

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Light In The Hills

Ghastly shadows thrown haphazardly

Dim light on the horizon Read the rest of this entry »

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Intruder – Part III


Filled with disbelief and numb with horror, I lingered for a moment and stared at the yawning portal. I was brought back to nightmarish reality by a blood-curdling shriek exploding out the window of my neighbor’s house. Gripping the small key in my fist I sprinted for the stairs, intent on reaching my personal armory. I acquired a queer sort of tunnel vision, I could almost feel the power awaiting me in the gun cabinet. Read the rest of this entry »

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Song of the Day

Here is a catchy song to run through your head while you try to sleep, enjoy.


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Complicated Relationship


Drink more coffee or not

I’m always conflicted

There’s more in the pot

And I’m clearly addicted… Read the rest of this entry »

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I Don’t Get It

I wish that I had been blessed

With the skill of eloquent and charismatic speech

A rich baritone and an engaging manner

The makings of a politician

Minus the plastic smile and empty morals.


The socially adept are a special sort of genius

One that I will never comprehend




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Fallen Angel


Brooding demigod

Cast down from paradise Read the rest of this entry »

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Jets Get Away With One In The Opener

Chris Ivory's 71 yard touchdown run clinched this one for New York.

Chris Ivory’s 71 yard touchdown run clinched this one for New York.

The Jets managed a win on Sunday despite a sloppy performance. Check out the recap here:

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Pumpkin Season

Traipsing across fields of gourds
Uniformally cultivated for dismemberment
We sip cider
Calmly plotting our crimes.

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Weaponized Love


Love in the form of a primal element

Increasing with time

Growing exponentially

Tepid, warm, scalding, scathing

Love with flash-point intensity

Two fused into one

Storing an energy that would vaporize galaxies

Should fission occur

The bonds cannot be split

Forged in the crucible of life

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