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I envy children, the faithful and the truly ignorant.

Those who know that they will be taken care of

Those who believe that they will be watched over

Those who do not realize that they need help

So similar and yet vastly different

The world is shrinking

while the fears and dysfunction of the populace are magnified

I take solace in the fact that none of it matters.

The entire history of humanity

a mote of dust in an endless landscape of stars.

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On Edge

How do you relax?

This simple skill was lost to me

Sometime around puberty.

Anxious in a crowd

Uncomfortable alone

Happiness is simple to come by

But peace is an elusive quarry

My mind is a battlefield

Imagined grievances and overblown anxiety


Always as if I have forgotten something

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Pre-conception Health and Infertility


Here is a post from my wife’s blog with some interesting info.

Originally posted on Docere:

I had the greatest time attending the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors conference this past weekend. It was the perfect blend of cutting edge research and naturopathic philosophy. I have always had a special interest in women’s health and infertility. As such, one talk that I found particularly interesting was done by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse on “Integrative Approaches to Infertility.”

The talk went through trends of infertility as well as benefits of an integrative approach for those individuals with infertility that are seeking naturopathic care as a primary intervention. There was also information regarding individuals that are seeking naturopathic care along side of conventional fertility treatment. Chasse was thorough in going through aspects of infertility related to both men and women and great treatment strategies to boost fertility.

However, one of the most impactful statements that was made by Chasse had nothing to do with infertility treatments at all…

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Week 10 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

We’re heading into the bye week from hell, a lot of the top tight end options won’t be available to you for week 10. No need to panic, you can find the answers right here and take home the “W”.

Week 10 Tight End Rankings

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Week 9 Tight End Rankings

The fantasy football playoffs are rapidly approaching and teams will need to kick it into high gear if they want to be part of it. Make sure that your lineup is set and ready to devastate the competition in week 9. See which tight ends you need to have in your lineup here:

Week 9 Tight End Rankings

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Song Of The Day

Here is some excellent music out of nowhere.



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New horizons bring trepidation

Fear of the unknown

The basest and most human of emotions

Countless reasons to turn back

Comfort lies in mediocrity

Always left with the question

Is one slim chance worth the risk of rejection.















Mystical forces in the void of the netherrealm

Gather strength from the chill winds of autumn

The veil between worlds thins


Anticipating the breach

Spirits mill about restlessly in the dimness

Testing the limits of their nonexistence


Samhain approaches

The realms prepare to merge



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Beauty In The Filth

Restless particles

Dance under fluorescent light

Currents swirling dust

Coat of entropy

Time’s passage takes solid form

Evidence of us


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Song Of The Day…Or Night

I searched for “Story Of My Life” thinking that I would not need to type in Social Distortion as of course this is a very famous song.

I wound up with lots of links to One Direction.

That was a devastating moment for me.








A generation is being led astray and I have the antidote here.

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